Film & TV Productions

Film & TV Productions

Are you part of an established film company, looking at taking your production to the next level? 


Hangar 131 is Navair’s exclusive aeronautical space with plenty of room for TV and Film Production shoots. Located at Bankstown airport, Hangar 131 is easy to access with plenty of onsite parking for you and your production crew. 


In addition to private access to Hangar 131, our extensive fleet of aircraft are also available for ground hire. 


Our fully stocked private flight lounge including full bathroom facilities, can also form part of your shoot, or can be used by you and your production crew to refresh, grab a coffee or take a break.


Of course of utmost importance to your film or photography shoot is privacy.  Working with Navair at Hangar 131 will ensure you the highest levels of privacy and discretion.  We can also assist with arranging additional security for your production should you wish.


Call us on 1300 759 722 or email us at 

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