Specialist Charter Services

SPECIALIST JET CHARTER Your business has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to travel and transport.  Making sure that your people and equipment get to where they need to be quickly and safely does not have to be a headache for your logistics team.  Navair will tailor specific charter flight itineraries for your business. We'll help you deliver exactly what you need, when you need it.   Operate with Versatility & Efficiency A private charter jet is both versatile and efficient. Flying with Navair will give you complete flexibility around when and where you, your staff or equipment fly.  With less time being spent on queuing to board, security screenings and transfers, you’ll be back to working on [...]

Additional Services

ADDITIONAL SERVICES Whilst we LOVE to fly and creating unique and personalised flight experiences is our passion, there are a wealth of additional services that we offer to truly make your aviation, logistics or travel experience exceptional.   Own your own Jet One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of our work is helping people make incredible memories aboard their very own jets.  So many people dream of owning a charter jet, they just don’t know where to start and believe it is out of their financial reach.  At Navair we have a host of options all the way from full aircraft ownership through to fractional jet ownership options and ensure that whatever decision you make, you’ll be well supported [...]

Overseas Travellers

OVERSEAS TRAVELLERS When you're planning a trip overseas you want to make it as special as possible. Local knowledge is critical to ensuring a unique and safe cultural experience, regardless of the country you are travelling to. Being a wholly Australian owned and operated aircraft charter company with a long and proud Australian history puts Navair in the ideal situation to help with your trip down under.  Get a unique Australian Travel Experience Drawing from our in depth knowledge of the Australian culture, environment, weather and locations, Navair can advise the optimal time to travel to various destinations around Australia as well as organise your end to end travel experience. From flights, ground transfers, accommodation and on the ground experiences, [...]

Travel Agents

TRAVEL AGENTS Your clients trust you. When you put together a travel plan for a customer, you want to continue to deliver that trust. Therefore, trusting the providers that you recommend and engage with on their behalf is therefore critical.  A Trusted Travel Partnership With 40 years operational experience and an impeccable safety record, when you put your trust in Navair you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a wholly Australian owned company. One that is as invested in fantastic travel experiences as you are.  Deliver Customised Experiences to your Customers Our experienced customer care team will work closely with you to plan and execute a luxury escape your customer will never forget, regardless of [...]

Luxury Australian Travel

LUXURY TRAVEL No matter who you are or what you do, we all love a holiday.  But not all holidays are created equal. Imagine taking all the stressful and tedious elements (like spending hours sitting waiting for your flight to only have it delayed) out of your holiday experience?  It is possible! A luxury escape with Navair means we will plan and execute your travel schedule exactly as you would like. The flight to your destination will no longer be a necessary evil, but a part of the adventure that you truly enjoy.  Enjoy a fully customised charter flight experience Our experienced customer care team will work closely with you to plan your luxury escape. Regardless of destination, experiences or [...]

Music & Festival Industry Charters

MUSIC & FESTIVAL INDUSTRY CHARTERS Every music or film production is different.  Different people, different likes & dislikes, different destinations and approaches.  Navair thrives on getting to know you, ensuring that when we put together a logistical plan for your production, it's exactly what you want and need.   Our expert customer care team has extensive experience working with production companies and agencies as well as directly with industry VIPs and is well equipped to plan and execute all of your transport and logistical needs for the duration of your show, tour or production. Our jet charter services team work closely with both production companies and agents to plan efficient and flexible travel itineraries and whilst we LOVE to fly as [...]
Jet Ownership Rick Pegus

Aircraft Management & Ownership

Aircraft Management & Ownership Are you becoming frustrated with the costs, delays and inflexibility associated with commercial airline travel? Or perhaps you’re just an aircraft buff who has always dreamed of jet ownership.  Either way, at Navair our passion and our core business is aviation.  Whether it is for business or pleasure, we have the expertise to locate, evaluate and acquire aircraft that best suits your specific business or leisure travel requirements. Minimise your cost of Jet Ownership One of the major challenges faced by aircraft owners is the overall ongoing operation and maintenance and associated costs.  Working with Navair for your aircraft management gives you access to charter utilisation for your aircraft, helping reduce the overall operating costs and [...]

Corporate Travel

CORPORATE TRAVEL Your time is valuable.  As the most valuable and finite resource you have, it makes sense to protect and save your time wherever possible.  Travelling for business using air charter is the smart, fast and comfortable way to travel around Australia and the world. Avoid the endless airport delays By booking a private jet, you skip the endless hours at the airport, the security screenings and lack of space in the overhead locker. This means you can easily have your next national roadshow take days, not weeks.  You can stay connected to your diverse workforce, spending time on the ground in the locations that matter without taking time from your family or other important jobs. The personalised service, [...]

Exclusive & Private

Exclusive & Private We specialise in luxury aircraft charter, with year-round government, mining and oil/gas contracts, as well as regular flights for high profile clients and businesses. All flights are conducted with privacy, timeliness and cost effectiveness in mind. Each flight is crewed by highly experienced pilots, and any of our aircraft normally flown with a single pilot can be crewed by two pilots, or suplemented with a flight attendant to suit your companies requirements. Audited regularly by both independent and industry bodies, our aircraft operations achieve better than ISO 9001 standard; and we welcome inspections of our premises if required. Anytime - Anywhere with Navair

Location Hire – Film & Photography

LOCATION HIRE - FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY Take your film or photoshoot to the next level.  Unprecedented access to luxury aircraft and hangar space will give your people, products or production the professionalism, grandeur and style that it deserves.  Hangar 131 is Navair’s exclusive aeronautical space with plenty of room from the smallest product shoot to a mass movie production. Located at Bankstown airport, Hangar 131 is easy to access with plenty of onsite parking for you and your production crew and any additional equipment you may require for your day of filming or photoshoot.  In addition to private access to Hangar 131, our extensive fleet of aircraft are also available for hire, and although we love to fly, there is [...]

Hangar 131 Hire

Welcome to Hangar 131 With a unique hangar facility right on the tarmac at Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Hangar 131 is the ideal location for your next photoshoot, product launch or media event. Gain unprecedented access to luxury private jets, with our expert team on hand to position aircraft for photoshoots, or utilise over 5000m3 of hangar space and our adjoining flight lounge, the possibilities are endless! Call the team at Navair and we’ll tailor Hangar 131 to suit your needs and budget. Download Hangar 131 BrochureEnquiry Hangar 131 FormCall: 1300 759 722Hangar 131 Hangar 131A VIP Lounge Crew Room Drive In Access Tarmac Access Aircraft Hire Helicopter Hire Catering Snack Pack Boutique Teas Coffee Pods Wi-Fi Shower Facilities Bathroom [...]


Hangar 13 Backend Editor 1   With a unique hangar facility right on the tarmac at Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Hangar 1 …

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