Navair Flight Training is Sydney’s premium pilot training school for aircraft owners and aspiring pilots. We offer a truly personalised approach, where you’ll learn to fly at a pace that works for you and when fits with your schedule. As advanced flight training specialists, we instruct even the most seasoned pilots as they seek to upgrade their pilot licence qualifications.

That’s why with Navair’s pilot training, you will only ever be taught by senior instructors who are also experienced jet captains and widebody commercial airline captains. We are proud to share our knowledge from many years of domestic and international aviation experience.

Our lessons are conducted in the iconic Cirrus aircraft for single-engine training and the remarkable Diamond DA42NG for multi-engine training. The Cirrus is packed with many advanced safety features, including the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS). This makes it the perfect choice for all licence types while also making it an unmatched training platform for instrument (IFR) and night ratings (NVFR).

The Diamond DA42NG is the industry leader in its class, boasting a speed of 200 knots at 18 000 feet and a 1200 NM range.

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Why Train With Navair?

  • 40 years’ of operational experience
  • Australia’s leading private jet hire and aviation service companies
  • Experienced senior flight instructors who are also private charter
  • Jet pilots and commercial widebody airline pilots
  • Our safety record is exemplary

Why Train With Navair?

  • One on One training
  • Hire of Applicable Aircraft
  • Training materials
  • Certification & Assessment

With Navair Flight Training you are guaranteed:


Personalised, one-on-one pilot training, with learning tailored to your unique requirements and skill level.

Amanda Pegus - CWC_9053

Experienced senior flight instructors who are also private charter jet pilots and commercial widebody airline pilots.


Flying lessons in iconic aircraft with unrivalled safety features.


Access to private study facilities and Navair’s private lounge at the Bankstown Airport hangar.


Recreational & Private Pilot Training

Advanced Pilot Training


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