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Music & Festival
Industry Charters

Every music or film production is a unique masterpiece. Different people, distinct preferences, varied destinations, and approaches. Navair thrives on understanding you and your team, ensuring that our logistical plan for your production aligns perfectly with your desires.
Our skilled customer care team boasts extensive experience collaborating with production companies, agencies, and industry VIPs. We expertly plan and execute all your transport and logistical needs throughout your show, tour, or production.
Our dedicated jet charter services team collaborates closely with production companies and agents to design efficient and flexible travel itineraries. Beyond the skies, we seamlessly manage your ground transport and other logistical essentials, such as executive limousines. From start to finish, we ensure your people and equipment arrive safely, content, and punctually.
Privacy and discretion hold paramount importance for those in the music and film industry. With a dedicated flight crew, your private aircraft, and an exclusive flight lounge, Navair offers unparalleled privacy for your journey.

Call our experienced customer service team on 1300 759 722 or email us on to talk through your requirements.

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Why Navair?

At Navair, we pride ourselves on our personalised customer service and impeccable safety record. We look forward to getting to know you and discovering how we can help. From one off charters to regular scheduled flights, if you need an aircraft, we have one available, any time – anywhere, with as little as an hours’ notice. Call us on 1300 759 722 or email us on to talk through your requirements or to take a tour of our facilities.


  • Tailored Aircraft Solutions: Recognising the unique requirements of the music and film industry, our diverse fleet enables us to select the most fitting aircraft for transporting specialised equipment, ensuring cost-effectiveness.
  • Adaptable Schedules: Whether it’s a one-time charter or recurring schedules for ongoing productions, we tailor our services to meet the dynamic and time-sensitive needs of the music and film industry.
  • Direct Routes: We can offer flights directly to and from the nearest airfield to your production site, streamlining logistics and minimising downtime for your crew and equipment.
  • Maximised Efficiency: By eliminating the complexities of commercial airports, security processes, and uncertainties associated with commercial flights, we enhance the efficiency of your music or film production, allowing your team to focus on creativity.
  • Happier Workforce: Navigate away from the inconveniences of traditional air travel, and provide your team with the exclusive comfort of our private flight lounge. This results in a content and stress-free workforce, ready to deliver exceptional performances both on and off set.

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