Urgent Freight

Urgent Freight

When a critical piece of your business puzzle is missing, only swift and precise action can get you back on track. Navair’s charter department excels in rapid planning and execution of plane charter services, ensuring your essential equipment reaches you in record time. We collaborate closely with you to facilitate both international and domestic express cargo charters and freight flights, providing the quickest and most cost-effective solutions.

Our cargo charter experts evaluate all available options, presenting you with efficient solutions for your air freight needs. While our passion lies in jets, we also leverage smaller aircraft and helicopters when suitable. These alternatives often grant access to smaller airfields and closer airports, enhancing the efficiency of your cargo delivery. 


We understand the importance of your cargo.  Every item we transport, regardless of its value, receives unwavering care and adherence to safety protocols. Navair can reconfigure aircraft by taking out seats, to ensure your cargo is positioned in the best way possible.   


Count on Navair for swift, secure, and efficient freight charter solutions that keep your business moving forward.

Urgent Freight Aircraft


Why Navair?

At Navair, we pride ourselves on our personalised customer service and impeccable safety record. We look forward to getting to know you and discovering how we can help. From one off charters to regular scheduled flights, if you need an aircraft, we have one available, any time – anywhere, with as little as an hours’ notice. Call us on 1300 759 722 or email us on charter@navair.com.au to talk through your requirements or to take a tour of our facilities.


  • Tailored Cargo Solutions:  Recognising the diverse needs of urgent freight, our extensive fleet allows us to select the most suitable aircraft for your specific cargo, optimising efficiency and minimising costs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Whether you require ad-hoc charters or establish long-term, regular schedules, we adapt to your urgency and generate tailored solutions promptly.
  • Direct Flights: Optimal efficiency is achieved by flying directly to and from the closest airfield to your destination, ensuring swift transportation for your urgent cargo.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Minimise travel time for your freight, allowing for quicker turnaround and increased productivity for your operations.
  • Happier Workforce: Avoid the hassles of commercial airports, security screenings, and airline uncertainties. With the added benefit of our private cargo facilities, your team experiences smoother operations, reducing stress both on-site and during transit.

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