When you are one of the smallest wine growing areas in the country there’s only one way to stand out and that’s by consistently producing some of the best wines in the world.
The Hunter Valley is a dynamic wine region with more than 150 premium wine producers, made up of a number of smaller subregions Broke Fordwich, Lovedale, Mount View, Pokolbin and Wollombi Valley. Each has its own secrets to reveal and subtle nuances in terms of wine characteristics.

The area is Australia’s oldest wine growing region, with vines first planted back in the early 1820’s from cuttings brought by James Busby, the father of Australian wine.
Today the Hunter Valley is home to some of Australia’s most distinctive and outstanding wines. The most recognised of these is Hunter Valley Semillon, a truly remarkable wine that has been called ‘Australia’s unique gift to the world’. A standout in terms of quality and taste, Hunter Valley Semillon is the product of techniques, skills and processes that have developed over 150 years of winemaking in the Hunter Valley as well as through the inspiring work of famous winemakers and winemaking families such as the legendary Maurice O’Shea and the Tyrrells, Draytons and Tullochs.

From its early days, when it was known as Hunter River Riesling, the variety formed a unique bond with the Hunter Valley. So strong is this affiliation with its ‘terroir’ that the style has not been replicated anywhere else in the world. When young, Hunter Valley Semillon is deliciously crisp with abundant citrus aromas and flavours that pair magnificently with seafood. With age Hunter Valley Semillon develops its unique complex toast, vanilla and honey flavours, giving it depth and richness.

The Hunter Valley is also known for producing outstanding Shiraz and for its development of innovative new varieties and styles such as Tempranillo.

Come and visit the Hunter Valley and taste the difference heritage makes.

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