Bombardier Challenger 604

For long range travel, the Bombardier Challenger 604 is by far the most luxurious and time effective way to fly.

Boasting an exquisitely appointed leather interior and room for up to 9 passengers, the Challenger can be configured in an assortment of cabin layouts depending on the length of your journey; including a side facing couch and fully reclining seats.

Enjoy hot drinks and meals prepared by our professional flight attendant during flight, do business with in-flight wifi (additional charges apply) or celebrate with a bottle of champagne; This aircraft is the quintessential example of a bespoke private jet which can be tailored to create your perfect flight experience.

All flights are staffed by two pilots and one flight attendant, providing the maximum level of safety, service and comfort for you and your passengers.

Bombardier inc. is a multinational manufacturer of regional airliners, business jets, and equipment for public transport. Its aviation division, Bombardier Aviation, is headquartered in Montreal and its public transport division, Bombardier Transportation, is headquartered in Berlin.

The company manufactures the Bombardier CRJ700 series regional airliners as well as the Bombardier Global Express, the Bombardier Challenger 300, and the Bombardier Challenger 600 series business jets. Learjet is a subsidiary of Bombardier.

The company was founded as a manufacturer of snowmobiles; however, it sold that line of business in 2003.

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