New Flight Training Simulator

There's something new at Navair... And it's not an aircraft - well, sort of...

Navair is delighted to announce we have a flight simulator located at our base in
Bankstown. Navair Flight Training’s simulator, the Elite Simulation Solutions G1000
Eco-Flyer, is a CASA approved flight simulator, configured for Baron G58.

Simulator training is a perfect way to train and prepare for intended (real flights).
It is also a great way to limit our carbon emissions!

The main applications of our simulator include the following:


• RNP GPS approaches 2D and 3D capability (LNAV/VNAV approaches),
• Instrument and system failures training,
• Diverse range of weather settings,
• Updated AIRAC database cycles,
• Circling approaches via 160 degree visuals.


• Familiarisation with G1000 systems architecture, and usage of PFD and MFD,
• Communication, navigation and engine indication equipment,
• Glass cockpit transition training,
• Cockpit flows.


• Instrument training as required by the RPL
• and PPL syllabus,
• Inadvertent entry into IMC,
• Loss of orientation and upset recovery training,
• Realistic asymmetric training exercises,
• New airport familiarisation.

To learn more, please call our team today on 1300 759 722, or email us at

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