Flying Private is the new Business Class

There’s a new truth to travel in this post-Covid world:


While Zoom may have been the buzz word of 2020, you can never underestimate the power of face-to-face

And when flying commercial doesn’t make commercial sense anymore – with constant flight cancellations
and time-sucking delays – it’s time to power up your business travel by going private.

Here are the five top reasons it’s time to consider private aviation for your business.

1. Private air travel is an investment in time management

Benjamin Franklin wasn’t joking when he coined the term “Time is Money” and you know it better than
most. In our time-strapped world, if you can skip the queue every time you fly, those kinds of productivity
improvements can ultimately lead to millions of dollars in your business.

As well as time savings in the terminal, when you fly private, you can easily make two to three stops in one
day, visiting sites or factories that would usually suck extra budget and time due to inflexible regional flight
schedules and substandard (and exorbitantly-priced) accommodation. Which would you really prefer?
Roach-ridden donga or a night back at home with the family?

There’s also the last-minute nature of business, which doesn’t play nice with commercial schedules and
fare limitations. If you’ve just booked an important pitch, keynote or media engagement, your on-demand
chauffeurs are ready when you are and can save you the most precious commodity of all: time.

2. Private air travel elevates business relationships

The best conversations happen above 30,000 feet so what could be better than inviting clients or potential
clients to fly with you?

Whether you’re scoping out a new development site, carrying out a major sales mission, or treating your
team to an A-class end-of-year retreat, the time you share in the air – with no danger of confidential
conversations being leaked, mind you – is pure gold. Sure beats a stuffy boardroom.

3. Private air travel allows you to arrive refreshed and ready for action

With no long waits on the tarmac, no stress in the terminal, and no unnecessary delays because somebody
got a little too happy in the bar and forgot to board the flight, you’re 100% in control of your commute and
your arrival time.

From your private lounge at airports across Australia, you can board when you’re ready, get on the move
straight away, and won’t have anyone telling you to put your laptop away 30 minutes before landing.

You can work right up until your arrival and feel completely confident and in control once that door opens
onto the tarmac.

4. Private air travel is safer during a pandemic

Put simply, you can’t afford down-time and sick days. And you certainly don’t want to expose yourself or
your key staff to unnecessary health risks.

Private jet hire affords you a safe and secure environment, end to end, so you can feel confident of keeping
all the wheels in the business cog turning at full capacity. From your private lounge, you’re escorted directly
to your jet where it’s only you and the crew onboard – not hundreds of people from origins you have no
control over.

And when you touch down at the other end, your luggage is personally delivered right there on the tarmac
with no need to enter an airport at all.

5. Private air travel smells like success

Imagine never having to hear the words “middle seat” – or stare forlornly at the empty baggage carousel
as the reality of your lost luggage sinks in – ever again.

CEOs, entrepreneurs, and global leaders fly by private jet not only because it makes commercial sense, but
because when you’ve made it, there’s no better way to toast your success.

Besides, what have you gleaned from that Frequent Flyer program that’s of real value to you anyway?

Where do you need to go? We can get you there, in style.

To learn more about our exclusive services please call our team today on 1300 759 722, or put us to the test
and request a quote via email today and let us handle the logistics so you don’t have to.

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