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Drawing upon our 40 years’ of operational experience, Navair has established itself as one of Australia’s leading private jet charter, and aviation service companies, offering uncompromising personal service, with safety, discretion and reliability at the forefront of our business.

We would like to invite you on-board with us at Navair Jet Services, to share in the business advantages, practicality and enjoyment that air charter brings, from private jet flights, to fractional aircraft ownership, management, aeromedical transfers and FIFO schedules. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in all things aviation, and are available right now to assist.

Our main office and brand new FBO is located at the thriving business hub of Sydney’s Bankstown Airport, but Navair’s coverage extends World-Wide through our network of satellite operators in major regional centers. If you need an aircraft, we have one available, any time – anywhere, so call one of our experienced staff members to arrange a charter, or to schedule an appointment to view our facilities.

Welcome to Navair Jet Services, we’re looking forward to flying with you.

Rick Pegus – General Manager

Jet Services

We specialise in Private Jet Charter Flights, Business Jet Hire, Aircraft management, FIFO, Urgent freight and Helicopter transfers in both our own aircraft, and through our expert team of charter brokers who are on hand 24/7, to find the right aircraft for your flight. Our extensive database of business jet aircraft and other aircraft operators within Australia (and around the world!) ensures that the brokerage team at Navair Jet Services are able to match your needs to the best solution for each itinerary.

Need to charter a private jet? With a large fleet of aircraft based around Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth and Melbourne, we can arrange your private charter flights with as little as an hour’s notice.

At Navair we understand the importance of personal service. The perfect air charter is one that integrates perfectly with a client’s arrangements before, and after the flight, so from start to finish, Navair Jet Services place the highest priority on timeliness and well organised connections. With over 40 years of operational experience with an impeccable safety record you can relax and feel safe when you fly with us.
We’re looking forward to inviting you on board!

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Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Private Jet Charter

We specialise in luxury aircraft charter, with year-round government, mining and oil/gas contracts, as well as regular flights for high profile clients and businesses. All flights are conducted with privacy, timeliness and cost effectiveness in mind.

Each flight is crewed by highly experienced pilots, and any of our aircraft normally flown with a single pilot can be crewed by two pilots, or suplemented with a flight attendant to suit your companies requirements. Audited regularly by both independent and industry bodies, our aircraft operations achieve better than ISO 9001 standard; and we welcome inspections of our premises if required.

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Experienced Air Charter Brokers

When one of our own aircraft aren’t suitable for a flight; we draw on the expert advice of our experienced charter brokerage team. With an extensive database of private aircraft owners and operators around the world, we do all the shopping for you to deliver the right aircraft for job.

Save time, spend less, and fly on board exclusive private jets, only available through the Navair Jet Services network.

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Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Shared Aircraft Ownership

If you fly less than a few hundred hours per year, then shared or fractional aircraft ownership is for you! We’ve been managing partnerships in aircraft since 2012, and currently have shares in private jets ranging from light jets like the Cessna Citation Mustang, to internationally capable heavy jets like the Gulfstream G500 and Bombardier Global Express available.

Aircraft under management by Navair Jet Services enjoy hassle free crewing, hangarage and maintenance planning, so all you need to do is tell us your travel plans. We’ll take care of the rest. We can even offset the cost of your share by utlising your aircraft for charter!

For a consultation regarding aircraft ownership, please contact us to arrange a time we can discuss your requirements.

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Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Fixed Base Operation (FBO)

From arrival to departure and beyond, Navair offers the facilities required by professional pilots & flight crew to ensure passengers arrive in comfort & safety.
Pilots can rest and recuperate before or after each flight in our dedicated pilot lounge, furnished with comfortable seating, TV’s, premium coffee & free WiFi. On the tarmac, Navair can take care of marshalling, towing, aircraft cleaning, in-flight catering, repairs or maintenance requirements, so you and your aircraft can be ready to depart at a moments notice.

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Luxury Flight Lounge

The Navair Lounge was designed with the sole purpose of providing a bespoke travel experience to private passengers and business travelers alike. Situated right on the tarmac at Sydney’s Bankstown Airport, Navair makes your aircraft boarding experience both fast, and discreet, with the ability to become airborne in just a few minutes.

Incorporating a fully equipped kitchen, bar & private bathrooms, the ambiance & comfort of the lounge is the perfect place to relax before departure, while our staff prepare your aircraft for flight. Our facilities are air-conditioned, with 24/7 access, free WiFi, charging stations and two bathrooms with shower facilities. Passengers are encouraged to enjoy one of our three lounge areas, or simply step aboard the aircraft for a quick departure.

Fly without terminal delays
Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
Private Jet - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Entertainment, VIP and Photoshoots

With a unique hangar facility right on the tarmac at Bankstown Airport, Navair’s Hangar 131 is the ideal location for your next photoshoot, product launch or media event. Gain unprecedented access to luxury private jets, with our expert team on hand to position aircraft for film and photoshoots, or utilise over 5000m3 of hangar space and our adjoining luxury flight lounge, the possibilities are endless!

You have seen us on TV! We’ve worked with several producers to film TV series and movies right here at Navair. We’re open for site and private jet inspections by appointment, so send the scouts out to see if our facility fits your vision for the perfect episode, promo video or photo shoot.
We’ll tailor Hangar 131 to suit your needs and budget.

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