Interior of the mustang charter jet

Organising business travel can bring with it a number of headaches. From the person co-ordinating everyone’s itineraries and needs, to the staff traveling.

Once flights are booked there is the checking in, long airport queues, possible delays, transfers etc. Making a simple business trip, from Sydney to Melbourne, a much longer ordeal than the 1 hour 35 minutes flight time.

On the flight there is little opportunity to talk business as most of the time, you are surrounded by other business people who might take great interest in what you are discussing! That is even if you can all sit together in the first place.

Whilst flying business class is an option for business travelers it does not allow for greater flexibility, productivity and time saving.

Imagine if you could board an aircraft in Sydney at 7:15am EXACTLY, with no queues and check in. Speak freely to colleagues on the aircraft as you are the only ones on board and arrive in Essendon just over an hour later and hop straight into a waiting car to transfer you to your first meeting of the day – all before 9am!

This is a reality right now! With Sydney to Melbourne identified as one of the most busy flight routes for business travelers in the world, Navair has made flights between the two very accessible. Giving busy business travelers back what they need most:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Flexibility to set a schedule that suits meetings. Not set meetings to suit commercial business class flights!
  • Time: Less time spent traveling and more time to do business

business class travel cost comparison airlines vs private charter

When looking at this chart there are a few things to note. When you book a charter you book the entire aircraft. The price comparison for Navair is based on filling the Mustang Jet with 4 people.

So to save time, increase flexibility and productivity it is really only an extra $770 per passenger based on QANTAS pricing. A small price to pay for the added benefits that accompany private charter.

Navair flies from Bankstown Airport. This means there are minimal to no delays in departure times as there aren’t the holding patterns that Sydney Airport has. Flights can be organised with as little as 12 hours notice. A complimentary door to door Hire car transfer service is also available for these flights if required. Flights land in Essendon and car transfers can be arranged for a seamless transfer from take off to landing and beyond. No more queues and waiting for cabs!

Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to have the vehicle take you right to the door of the plane for immediate departure?



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