Working with the NSW RFS – aircraft charter

Skypac working with the RFS during our hottest January on record

To think only a month ago we were sweltering under soaring temperatures in Australia. With the extreme heat came the inevitable bush fires and Skypac was on hand to provide emergency aviation charter services for the NSW Rural Fire Service.

The  record breaking heatwave in January 2013 that hit most of Australia, not only saw people running to the beach  for relief but unfortunately brought with it major bush fires putting Australia on the international map, with widespread media reports from all over the world broadcasting our extreme weather.

It got so hot in January that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology added a new colour to the map to handle temperatures of 50° C and above!

The Bureau noted: ‘The heatwave was a major factor in January 2013 being the hottest month on record for Australia’.

New colour added to the map in record heat wave

New colour added to the map in record heat wave

You can find out more information on climate change in Australia

It is important to take the time to reflect on the people who lost their homes during the January bush fires and the amazing work undertaken by the NSW Rural Fire Service – The RFS.

At SKYPAC we were privileged to work with the RFS during the events of the January bush fires. Flying firefighters and operational support staff into areas ravaged by fire and extreme conditions, Skypac co-ordinated over 30 flights with multiple destinations built into each mission.

This was made possible as we operate our own fleet – making it easier to have planes available in times of emergency on a 24 hour basis.


Preparing the plane for flight

The RFS website offers a wealth of information about planning for bush fires. Something we should all think about if we live in areas of potential risk. Visit the website and you will find a Bush fire survival plan  and many other valuable resources and information on bushfire survival and prevention.