An insider’s look into flying on a Private Jet

If you have ever wondered what it is like in a Private Jet have a look at this video taken by a couple who experienced this for themselves. Whether it be for business or pleasure the feeling of having a private aircraft take you on a trip is something that you will never forget. For business travellers it is the ability to travel to your own schedule and be more productive during your day  and for holiday travellers there is nothing better than having your own plane to take you on your holiday. Giving you more time to enjoy your holiday!. Quite often private charter is the perfect option for short breaks. Some of our most popular are Mudgee, Hamilton Island, Margaret River, Hunter Valley and Kingscote.

With no need for a boarding pass, no queues, no delayed flights and frustrating missed connections, private jet charter is a very flexible travel option. Oft times the cost of the trip is offset against the hours spent in queues, checking in etc etc.

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