Welcome to 2018, we’ve been busy this week!

Traditionally the week between Christmas and New Years is one of our busiest of the year, and this year was no exception! With most of our fleet flying flat out from Christmas Eve (more about that one later), through to today the first business day of the year – we have a few stories to share!

Before we do however, just a quick reminder that we have some incredible plans for the upcoming year. We’ll be focusing on building more relationships, introducing more passengers to the wonders of private jet travel, and helping more owners realise their dream of owning a jet, than we ever have before! If you have big plans like we do in 2018, we’d love to hear about them. Drop by the FBO for a chat with the team any time.

Now, the week that was.

Urgent charter flight from Gold Coast to Canberra

At 9pm on Christmas Eve, we received a call from someone who missed the last flight to Canberra from the Gold Coast. With no commercial flights that would arrive by Christmas morning, we received the enquiry and were airborne within the hour, ferrying one of our Sydney based aircraft up to the Gold Coast. Flying into the sunrise, we arrived at Canberra right on time for Christmas morning.

Boys trip for New Years – Canberra to Sydney

4 blokes, a bottle of champagne and a carton of beer – all jumped on board our Cessna Citation Mustang for a boys weekend in Sydney. Arriving at our Bankstown FBO with a Rolls Royce waiting, they were in Darling Harbour less than 90 mins after departing Canberra! You can’t do that on the airlines!


Two Luxury Anniversaries – Brisbane and Coffs Harbour to Sydney

What better way to treat your husband, than a private jet flight to Sydney for the weekend! We have an aircraft airborne right now on its way from Brisbane to Sydney, with a couple on board enjoying an incredible cheese platters, champagne and desserts. Once it lands, it’s heading up to Coffs Harbour to pick up another couple doing the same thing!

Urgent Medivac – Nauru to Brisbane

The Falcon 50 was on standby all week, and eventually we got the call – get the jet out! We’re going to Nauru! After a late-night refuel the crew headed north to the tiny island of Nauru, just 1 degree off the Equator, before evacuating an injured woman home to Brisbane.

That’s just a few of the highlights from an incredible weekend of private jet and turboprop charter flights this Christmas/New Years period, and we’re ready for more!

Happy New Year from all the team at Navair Jet Services – it’s going to be exceptional!



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