Tucked away just North of Sydney in Gosford, is one of Australia’s largest collection of privately owned cars. Featuring a permanent display of over 400 unique and highly desirable cars and motorcycles, the Gosford Classic Car Museum is set to become one of the country’s best attractions for car lovers, and those who appreciate fine mechanical engineering.

LaFerrari. Mclaren 650S. Ferrari F430. Lamborghini Murcielago. They’re all there. And if late model supercars aren’t your style? No problem. How ‘bout a 1924 model Rolls Royce Springfield Ghost? 1971 Porsche 911? 1965 Aston Martin DB5?

There are motorcycles too! Classics like the Indian Scout, through to a Ducati MH900E EVOLUZIONE are littered throughout the car collection. In total there are 35 bikes, all incredibly rare and restored to better than new condition.

We could go all day, but to get a true appreciation of the impressive collection, visit the list on the Gosford Classic Car Museum’s website.

Entry is just $20 for Adults, and they’re open from Wednesday to Sunday (Monday & Tuesday by Appointment). For more information, or to view one of Australia’s largest collection of privately owned cars, visit the Gosford Classic Car Museum’s website here.

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