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Our fleet of Cessna Citation Mustangs are available in Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne.

Cessna Citation Mustang

Seating up to five passengers & providing efficient, luxurious air travel, the Cessna Citation Mustang is a perfect choice for domestic flights.

Popular with both business & leisure travelers, its small size & economical running costs make it extremely convenient for short flights, yet the Citation Mustang retains the ability to stretch its legs when required; boasting a range of over 2000km. This aircraft requires a sealed runway, but can land at most regional airports within Australia.

Luxuriously appointed in cream leather throughout the cabin interior; four passengers can enjoy a conversation, indulge in a few drinks, or talk business in the club-style seating layout. To cater for an extra (fifth) passenger, the co-pilot seat can be used, offering the rare opportunity to experience a flight from the cockpit.

Thanks to exceptionally quiet noise levels, an air-conditioned, pressurized cabin & dual zone climate control. The Citation Mustang allows those on board to unwind with a magazine, read the news, or focus on the company in absolute comfort.

Our Cessna Citation Mustang’s are fitted with 12v USB outlets, fold out tables, cup holders & an emergency toilet. If required, a second qualified crew member can join your flight as a co-pilot, providing the maximum level of safety for you & your family.

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