Tamburlaine was established in 1966 by Dr Lance Allen. In 1985 the winery was purchased by a small group of friends and relatives led by Managing Director and Chief Winemaker, Mark Davidson. Mark has built his long-term winemaking philosophy based on contemporary organic practices, both in the vineyard and the winery.  After challenging years of research and development, the company enjoys now an enviable position as Australia’s largest producer of organic wines.


The English playwright Christopher Marlowe wrote the play ‘Tamburlaine the Great’, a play about a 14th-century ruler, Timur, renowned for being one of the most fearless and inspirational leaders of his time. As with this warrior prince, our Contemporary Organics vision is the driving force behind our success in producing award-winning organic, vegan and low sulphur or no added sulphur wines.


While the winery started on a modest 14-hectare vineyard in the Hunter Valley, Tamburlaine Organic Wines expanded in Orange in the late 90s. After acquiring the Borenore vineyard, Tamburlaine purchased another property in 2017 in Orange of over 100 hectares of organically farmed vines. The high altitude, cool climate conditions and the largely volcanic soils have cemented Orange amongst the top premium wine regions of Australia.


As part of our commitment to organic wine production, our winery is certified under the Australian Organic and Biodynamic Standard and goes through an annual audit to ensure that we comply with the standard. From 2016, we have removed the use of animal proteins (eggs, milk or fish) traditionally used throughout the industry, from our winery and our wines. We also strive to keep sulphur additions to a minimum.

For consumers who cannot tolerate the normal sulphur levels in their wine, Tamburlaine has extended its range of wines to include wines without added sulphur – or “preservative free”.


After a long period of vineyard observation and trials, in 2002, Tamburlaine took the first steps towards organic certification for some of its Hunter Valley blocks. This meant a full management program which replaced synthetic chemicals by biodegradable inputs, improved soil biology and stimulated the vine’s natural defences – as they say, ‘the story is in the soil’.

After undergoing a three-year conversion period, it received certified organic status for the first blocks and has since extended the certification to all sites in Orange and the Hunter Valley. To carry the ‘Australian Certified Organic’ bud logo on labels requires rigorous annual audits by Australian Organic to ensure the absence of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers in the production of the wines.


Tamburlaine’s Contemporary Organic philosophy aims to produce wines of terroir while limiting environmental pollution and leaving the land in the best condition possible for the generations to follow. Our contemporary winemaking uses plant-based fining agents while also keeping sulphur additions to a minimum.

With multiple national and international trophies and medals won each year, it’s safe to say that great wine starts in the vineyard!

In keeping with Contemporary Organic principles, all properties strive to optimise organic matter and promote biological soil health and beneficial biodiversity. In its 93-hectare property in Borenore, Orange has also integrated biodynamic methods into its organic management system. The integration of biodynamic methods into organic management has been shown to accelerate biological soil activity. The latest viticultural research now clearly points to biological soil health as the key determinant of superior “terroir” or the essential site-specific wine quality.

The transformation in our Hunter and Orange vineyards over the decades is truly incredible. The health of the soils and the vines allows us to consistently harvest fruit of the highest quality and to produce award-winning terroir wines.

Treat yourself

Experiment with wine and matching cheeses. Create your own or try our favourite combinations such as our botrytised Noble Chardonnay and creamy blue cheese. Call us to book your own private taste for you and your friends.

$10 per person (2 minimum)
Please allow 60 min for this experience.
Reservations available here..

Behind the scenes

Take a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse of Tamburlaine’s organic vineyard and the winery. We invite you to experience VIP tastings and special structured tastings guided by one of the team – by appointment. Generally, allow about 90 minutes for a special group taste.

Tours upon request – 9.30 am Monday to Friday
Price on request (2 people minimum)
Please allow 90 minutes minimum for this experience.

THE LODGE at Tamburlaine Organic Wines offers the utmost privacy, surrounded by our vineyard and overlooking the water. The Lodge brings elegance and atmosphere for your dream wedding or corporate dinner. Home to our regular members’ events, the Lodge is the perfect venue for all your occasions. For functions and wedding enquiries please email
Lou at – ldavidson@tamburlaine.com.au.

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