“This is where Navair come in, providing a little extra time and convenience to RFDS doctors in our private charter aircraft.”

Every month, Navair pilots take off from Bankstown Airport with some very special cargo indeed: doctors and opticians from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, taking part in what’s called the ‘Outback Eye Service’ (OES).

Flying out to remote communities like Lightning Ridge and Walgett each month, these men and women are tasked with providing specialist health care for community members, saving locals the cost and time that would no-doubt be involved driving to larger regional centres for healthcare. On location, the Opticians can examine patients and obtain all the data required to create a functional (and stylish) pair of glasses, before flying back to Sydney. Here, glasses can be manufactured to the customers specifications before being shipped back out to some very happy men, women and children in the outback.

You might be wondering why Navair are flying health care professionals around the country in our charter aircraft, when the RFDS have an aircraft fleet themselves! Those fast, safe and capable turboprop aircraft, the Beechcraft King Air and Pilatus PC12’s of the RFDS, are all kitted out in specialist aeromedical configurations. With so few of these aircraft, and so many requests for aeromedical transfers in Australia, taking these aircraft out of service for an air charter, prevents them saving lives. That is where Navair come in, providing a little extra time and convenience to the doctors in our twin engine aircraft. We utilise a range of multi engine charter aircraft based on the needs of the RFDS, exceeding their strict safety standards and ensuring that their staff land safely, on time and feeling 100% ready for the busy day ahead.

Throughout 2016, the pilots and staff at Navair are looking forward to a strengthened relationship with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, providing private air charters to remote locations throughout Australia. Funding for the Royal Flying Doctor Service comes from you, the generous donor who helps to save lives and improve the quality of life for Australians in rural communities. To help you can simply donate via their website here.

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