Travelling by Private Jet

VIP & Media Charter

Having worked with a number of Australian production companies and well-known artists, Navair are well placed to handle all your media, entertainment and production Air Charter needs.

Our Air Charter services team work closely with both production companies and Agents to plan efficient and flexible charter flight itineraries. At all times, we ensure both the safety and security of our clients in a discreet manner. Or we can turn the private charter into a flying billboard if that is part of the publicity plan.

Why use Navair for your next charter

  • The Navair operations teams are experts at handling the logistics of production movement including theatrical stage sets, band equipment, road crews and talent.
  • Passengers board charter aircraft directly from ground transportation for convenience and security wherever available – bypassing public passenger terminals.
  • 24/7 Operational support including computer flight tracking and on-site representation to brief airport staff and cabin crew on your parties’ requirements.
  • Utmost professionalism and confidentiality assured.
  • On demand aircraft charter services can be booked with as little as 1 hours’ notice.
  • We can source anything that you may require:
    • Private jets.
    • Helicopters.
    • Ground transfers including executive limousines and trucking for equipment.

Hangar Facility at Bankstown Airport

Navair is also well equipped to handle any needs beyond flying in a private charter. You can hire the jet for a day and it doesn’t even have to leave the ground. We have played host to a number of production companies filming in the Hangar and photo shoots for well-known Australian publications including the Sydney Magazine, Cleo and Who magazines. With a unique hangar facility based at Bankstown Airport NSW and possibly the best prices around for unprecedented access to luxury aircraft and hangar facilities, call us to discuss your needs and we can tailor something suited to your event/production. The Sky is the limit!

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