When you’re planning a trip overseas you want to make it as special as possible. Local knowledge is critical to ensuring a unique and safe cultural experience, regardless of the country you are travelling to. Being a wholly Australian owned and operated aircraft charter company with a long and proud Australian history puts Navair in the ideal situation to help with your trip down under. 

Get a unique Australian Travel Experience

Drawing from our in depth knowledge of the Australian culture, environment, weather and locations, Navair can advise the optimal time to travel to various destinations around Australia as well as organise your end to end travel experience. From flights, ground transfers, accommodation and on the ground experiences, Navair will make sure you get everything you hope for when you travel to Australia. 

With over 40 years of operational experience, an impeccable safety record, an exceptional fleet of aircraft and a private flight lounge, you can relax and feel safe when you travel with us.

Here’s what our customers are saying about us:

“We have used Navair Jets & Helicopters for both business and pleasure and found Rick’s friendly manner and his attention to detail to be first class in every respect.

We will continue to enjoy the flexible services the company offers for our travel requirements as often as possible.”

Steve M

“Friendly, helpful, professional. Three words. All you need to know. Use them.”


“Awesome experience from Rick and the team. Great aircraft, super smooth flight and very accommodating. We couldn’t have wanted more. Thanks for a great day”.


Regardless of if this is your first trip to Australia or if you’ve been here many times, give our friendly team a call on 1300 759 722 or email us on charter@navair.com.au and let us help you build your ideal Australian experience.

Below are some examples of the types of experiences Navair can assist you with.  Each one of our experiences is custom designed just for you, so you can mix and match any part of each experience, or ask us about something completely different.  There are endless possibilities!

We’ve also put together a helpful list of
Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Some Top Tips for Travelling to Australia

Australia is a big place

The distances between cities and landmarks in Australia take many first time visitors by surprise.  Travelling by jet charter can dramatically increase the amount of Australia you can experience, regardless of the amount of time you have to spend.

The best times to travel varies between the north and the south

The ideal time to travel to the far North of Australia varies dramatically to the ideal time to travel to Sydney or to the south of the country. Be sure to plan the timing of your trip to your specific destinations within Australia

Our electrical plug sockets are unique.

Our electrical plugs are neither those you would find in the UK or those found in America or Europe.  In this, as with many other things, Australia is unique.

Take notice of the signs – particularly near water.

 Australia has a reputation as being full of things that can kill you.  It’s part of our charm. If you go to the beach, be sure to read the signs, swim between the flags and follow the instructions of the life guards.  If you see a ‘Do not swim’ sign – anywhere – believe it (especially if it is accompanied by a picture of a crocodile :-))

Tipping is a nice thing to do, but not expected.

People in Australia are inherently friendly and helpful.  If someone offers to help you, they do not expect to be paid.  The same goes for service staff at restaurants and hotels or your taxi driver.  You are free to tip if you feel you have received exceptional service, but it is not expected.

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