Every music or film production is different.  Different people, different likes & dislikes, different destinations and approaches.  Navair thrives on getting to know you, ensuring that when we put together a logistical plan for your production, it’s exactly what you want and need.  

Our expert customer care team has extensive experience working with production companies and agencies as well as directly with industry VIPs and is well equipped to plan and execute all of your transport and logistical needs for the duration of your show, tour or production.

Our jet charter services team work closely with both production companies and agents to plan efficient and flexible travel itineraries and whilst we LOVE to fly as much as you love showbiz, we can also handle all of your ground transport and other logistical requirements including executive limousines and equipment trucking.  End to end, we can ensure your people and equipment get where they need to be, safe, happy and on time. 

Of course of utmost importance for people working in the music and film industry is privacy and discretion.  With a personal flight crew, your own aircraft and a private flight lounge just for you, the privacy offered by travelling with Navair is unparalleled.

If you need an aircraft, we have one available, any time – anywhere, with as little as an hours’ notice. Call our experienced customer service team on 1300 759 722 or email us on to talk through your requirements or to take a tour of our facilities.

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Why Choose Navair

Here are some great reasons why Navair is the perfect choice for to support your next music or festival set up, touring or private jet charter.

All your logistical needs in one place:

The Navair operations team are experts at handling the end to end logistics of a music or film production including transporting  theatrical stage sets, band equipment, road crews and talent.

Security & Discretion:

The safety and privacy of your VIPs and the rest of your team are of utmost importance to Naviar.  In Sydney, you will have access to our private flight lounge and hangar space and in all other locations passengers board charter aircraft directly from ground transportation wherever available – bypassing public passenger terminals.

Customised travel plans:

Every production is different, we will tailor your travel and logistics plan exactly to your needs.

Direct Flights:

We will fly in and out of the closest airfield to where you need to be minimising your overall travel time allowing you to achieve much more in shorter time frames.

Additional production facilities:

Navair not only offers full logistics services, we also allow hire of our hangar (Hangar 131) and unprecedented access to film our luxury aircraft.

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Location Hire – Film & Photography

Our unique hangar facility at Bankstown Airport, NSW is also available to hire for events or photoshoots.  You can hire one of our planes or other aircraft for the day and not even leave the ground! Get unprecedented access to luxury aircraft and hangar facilities as easily as picking up the phone!

Luxury Holiday Travel

At the end of a long tour or production, you’re going to need to get away, spend quality time with friends and family.  Where ever you want to go, or whatever you want to do, Navair can help you plan the perfect luxury get away.

Private Aircraft Charter for Pets (Pets on Jets!)

When you’re touring and away from home for long periods of time, we understand that it can be hard on your family and your pets.  Travelling with Navair means your pet can travel safely and comfortably with you, no locked cages, no cargo holds.

Meet Our General Manager & Chief Pilot
Rick Pegus

Born in Victoria, Rick’s association with aviation began as soon as he completed high school and joined the RAAF.  Rick completed his Commercial Pilots License in 1998 whilst in the RAAF. In 2000, Rick became a flying instructor with BASAIR.

In 2006, Rick and a business partner started their first Charter Brokerage Business, Skypac. Over the next 10 years Rick won significant transport contracts, with organisations such as the NSW Police, RFDS, NSW Health and was the first Australian Operator of a Citation Mustang.  In 2016 he trained in the USA to be endorsed on the Citation Mustang and eventually took over as Chief Pilot of Navair in 2019.

Rick acquired Navair in 2015 for its hangar location and developed it into a fixed base operation at Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

Throughout his career, Rick’s core love has been flying. This year, Rick is looking forward to adding new elements to the business to continue to deliver exceptional experiences and value for every client.  Anywhere, anytime, any aircraft.

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