Take your film or photoshoot to the next level.  Unprecedented access to luxury aircraft and hangar space will give your people, products or production the professionalism, grandeur and style that it deserves.  Hangar 131 is Navair’s exclusive aeronautical space with plenty of room from the smallest product shoot to a mass movie production. Located at Bankstown airport, Hangar 131 is easy to access with plenty of onsite parking for you and your production crew and any additional equipment you may require for your day of filming or photoshoot. 

In addition to private access to Hangar 131, our extensive fleet of aircraft are also available for hire, and although we love to fly, there is no need for you to even leave the ground to take advantage of the stunning interiors of our luxury aircraft.

Our fully stocked private flight lounge including full bathroom facilities, can also form part of your shoot, or can be used by you and your production crew to refresh, grab a coffee or take a break.

Of course of utmost importance to your film or photography shoot is privacy.  Working with Navair at Hangar 131 will ensure you the highest levels of privacy and discretion.  We can also assist with arranging additional security for your production should you wish.

Need help getting to and from Hangar 131? 

If you need help getting to and from Hangar 131 – good news – we are also charter and urgent freight experts.  We will work closely with you and your team to get you to and from the location regardless of the mode of transport you require.  Whilst we love to fly, we can also assist with ground transport for you, your crew and your equipment. 

Navair also has a wide range of other specialist services, we can tailor packages specifically suited to your individual needs. Our customer care team would love to talk through your requirements with you – call us on 1300 759 722 or email us on charter@navair.com.au to have a chat or to arrange an obligation free tour of our facilities.

Why Choose Navair

Here are some great reasons to choose Navair for your on location film or photography.

Unprecedented Access:

You will get unprecedented access to film in and around our fleet of luxury aircraft and the Navair Hangar space (Hangar 131) at Bankstown, NSW.

Logistical Support:

Navair not only offers hire of our location and aircraft, we can also support the end to end logistical execution of your production,  getting you to and from the location easily and efficiently.

Private flight lounge:

Hangar 131 is equipped with a fully stocked flight lounge, with full bathroom facilities, for your exclusive use.

Customised Packages:

Every production or shoot is different, we will tailor your Hangar 131 experience specifically to your requirements.

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Chartered Transport Solutions for the Music & Film Industry

Navair has extensive experience working with production companies, agencies and industry VIPs and we’ll work closely with you to plan and execute all of your transport and logistical needs for the duration of your show, tour or production.

Luxury Holiday Travel

At the end of a long tour or production, you’re going to need to get away, spend quality time with friends and family.  Wherever you want to go, or whatever you want to do, Navair can help you plan the perfect luxury get away.

Private Aircraft Charter for Pets (Pets on Jets!)

When you’re touring and away from home for long periods of time, we understand that it can be hard on your family and your pets.  Travelling with Navair means your pet can travel safely and comfortably with you, no locked cages, no cargo holds.

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