Your time is valuable.  As the most valuable and finite resource you have, it makes sense to protect and save your time wherever possible.  Travelling for business using air charter is the smart, fast and comfortable way to travel around Australia and the world.

Avoid the endless airport delays

By booking a private jet, you skip the endless hours at the airport, the security screenings and lack of space in the overhead locker. This means you can easily have your next national roadshow take days, not weeks.  You can stay connected to your diverse workforce, spending time on the ground in the locations that matter without taking time from your family or other important jobs.

The personalised service, exceptional aircraft and private flight lounge we offer at Navair will see your corporate charter flight integrate perfectly with your arrangements before, and after the flight.  This ensures top level efficiency in your travel itinerary.  From start to finish, Navair Jets place the highest priority on timeliness and well organised connections.  With over 40 years of operational experience and an impeccable safety record, you can relax and feel safe when you fly with us.

If the idea of corporate air travel is new to you, or you’re just looking for a better charter jet experience, let our friendly team introduce you to the best jet charter service in Australia.  Call us on 1300 759 722 or email us on

Looking for a specialised corporate jet charter service?

Not only do we customise every single charter we do to your exact needs, our experience in a range of specialised jet charter services is second to none.

Browse our fleet available for private aircraft charter

We’ve also put together a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

Why choose Navair

Here are some more top reasons why Australia’s most successful businesses choose to use private jet charter.

No hassle: 

There are fewer restrictions on what time of day or night you can travel and often you can book a charter flight within 24 hours of the time you need to travel.


Less time spent travelling equals more time with your family or on other important jobs.

A productive office in the sky: 

Travel time is no longer down time, your private jet is also your private, very comfortable office, meaning you can stay productive, even when you’re travelling.


A corporate jet charter gives you complete flexibility around the clock, ensuring that you minimise interruptions to your business schedule.


Whether you’re a VIP, organising a group of executives or that vital piece of mining equipment that needs to go TODAY, we’ll work with you to customise your travel or transport service to ensure it is exactly what you need, when you need it.


No waiting in queues, no need to arrive hours before check in, no boarding passes or luggage to check in, no need to worry about lengthy delays that occur with commercial travel.

Our Corporate Jet Charter Services:
Fly in Fly Out Private Aircraft Charter

We specialise in flying to remote Australian locations. Navair jet charter is ideally placed to assist with the rapid, streamlined transportation of mining workers along with associated support personnel and executive teams to remote mining sites.

Government Jet Charter Services

Navair Jets tailor private jet charters that focus on confidentiality, security and safety for government officials, heads of state and prime ministers across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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Aeromedical Charter Flights

Navair Aeromedical patient transport service offers a 24 hour low to medium acuity Aeromedical service throughout Australia and the South Asia Pacific. With the most precious of cargo, we ensure optimal medical care and safety for the patient and medical staff at all times.

Jet Charter for Urgent Freight

International as well as domestic express cargo charters and freight flights require a fast and very precise organisation.  At Navair we have an experienced team of professionals.  Because of this, we are ready to provide you fast and economical solutions for your urgent freight requirements.

Music and Film Industry Charters

Your VIPs will feel completely at home and comfortable with Navair. We work closely with both production companies and agents to create completely customised, efficient, flexible and discreet charter flight itineraries.

Private Aircraft Charter for Pets (Pets on Jets!)

Don’t risk your beloved furry family member!  Not only is a private jet charter the safest way to travel with your dog, cat or other pet, it is the only way you can travel with them on board. Airlines require pets to travel in a locked crate, inside the dark and noisy baggage compartment of a passenger jet – sometimes on a completely separate flight to you!

Meet Our General Manager & Chief Pilot
Rick Pegus

Born in Victoria, Rick’s association with aviation began as soon as he completed highschool and joined the RAAF.  Rick completed his Commercial Pilots License in 1998 whilst in the RAAF. In 2000, Rick became a flying instructor with BASAIR.

In 2006, Rick and a business partner started their first Charter Brokerage Business, Skypac.  Over the next 10 years Rick won significant transport contracts, with organisations such as the NSW Police, RFDS, NSW Health and was the first Australian Operator of a Citation Mustang.  In 2016 he trained in the USA to be endorsed on the Citation Mustang. In 2019, Rick took over as Chief Pilot of Navair.

Rick acquired Navair in 2015 for its hangar location and developed it into a fixed base operation at Sydney Metro Airport Bankstown.

Throughout his career, Rick’s core love has been flying. This year, Rick is looking forward to adding new elements to the business to continue to deliver exceptional experiences and value for every client.  Anywhere, anytime, any aircraft.

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