Flight Training

ADVANCED PILOT TRAINING Navair Flight Training is Sydney’s superior private pilot training school for aircraft owners and aspiring pilots. We offer a truly personalised approach, where you’ll learn to fly at a pace that works for you and when fits with your schedule. As advanced flight training specialists, we instruct even the most seasoned pilots as they seek to upgrade their pilot licence qualifications. That’s why with Navair’s pilot training, you will only ever be taught by senior instructors who are also experienced private charter jet pilots and widebody commercial airline captains. We are proud to share the knowledge from our many years of aviation experience in not just the technical skills and teaching but the practical side of flying [...]

Cirrus Transition Training

Flight Training CourseBACK TO ALL TRAININGCIRRUS TRANSITION TRAINING The Cirrus transition training course is for current pilots who want to learn how to fly the iconic Cirrus aircraft. The course comprises a Cirrus theory component (completed online) and Cirrus flight training. VFR Transition 8 hours is the worldwide average (6 minimum) VFR+IFR Transition 10 hours is the worldwide average (8 minimum) CAPS training After completion you will become proficient and confident flying SR20/SR22 aircraft under the VFR or IFR Upon completion we offer a competitive private hire rate for our Cirrus aircraft. We realise that a number of flight training organisations hire the aircraft out VDO, we only hire out air-switch so you are not charged for the time you [...]
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