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Aircraft Management & Ownership

Aircraft Management & Ownership Are you becoming frustrated with the costs, delays and inflexibility associated with commercial airline travel? Or perhaps you’re just an aircraft buff who has always dreamed of jet ownership.  Either way, at Navair our passion and our core business is aviation.  Whether it is for business or pleasure, we have the expertise to locate, evaluate and acquire aircraft that best suits your specific business or leisure travel requirements. Minimise your cost of Jet Ownership One of the major challenges faced by aircraft owners is the overall ongoing operation and maintenance and associated costs.  Working with Navair for your aircraft management gives you access to charter utilisation for your aircraft, helping reduce the overall operating costs and [...]

Aviation Consulting

Aviation Consulting Navair aviation consultants assist within the aviation industry by providing current, new and future aircraft owners various services, ranging from policy and provisions, purchase or selling strategy, business planning within development including aircraft legal representation. Email Enquiry - Aviation Consulting The team at Navair are passionate about all things aviation with expertise specialising in the field - Air Navigation Services Aircraft Management Aircraft Operations Cargo & Logistics Civil Aviation Dangerous Goods Regulations Environment & Fuel Finance & Accounting Ground Operations Law & Regulations Management & Leadership

Fractional Jet Ownership

Fractional Jet Ownership We love the freedom that private aviation affords and believe that everyone should be able to join us in experiencing the incredible feeling of stepping on board a jet that you own. Since our beginnings over 30 years ago, we’ve managed a range of aircraft for owners and proven that we deliver amazing results. Happy owners, aircraft flying more hours, and maintenance solutions that are truly seamless. In 2018, we’ve expanded to provide fractional ownership solutions, and we can’t wait to share them with you. “Owning a fractional share in the Navair Jet Services fleet gives you the same freedom without the cost; both financial and in life. Private jets are supposed to save time. Why waste [...]
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