A return to unrestrained extravagance

The latest Luxury travel trends for 2014

This year has seen the emergence of all manner of luxury travel trends, but it seems the time is right for a return to extravagance. The London Telegraph has recently reported on the types of indulgence holidays that are starting to emerge again.

To wet your appetite let’s take a look at one example.

The £1 million cruise
In January 2013, the world’s most expensive cruise departed from Los Angeles. Packaged by luxury cruise retailer, Six Star Cruises and priced at £1 million per couple, the four-month cruise aboard the vessel Silver Whisper offered services such as helicopter transportation to the airport where couples could enjoy Beluga Caviar, Da Hong Pao tea and Dom Perignon champagne. Additionally, holidaymakers were treated to a meal prepared by a Michelin-starred chef while travelling by private jet to LA and a Rolls Royce Phantom provided transfers to the port.

In Australia we are seeing this trend emerge. Luxury Lodges of Australia have put together some beautiful indulgence packages. All you need to do is charter the Skypac private jet to get you from lodge to lodge and the holiday is complete!

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