The Ultimate Sleepover for Transplant Kids

Giving 10 transplant kids the wings to fly … all the way to Dubbo Zoo

July 10 2013: Channel 9 aired a special report on The Ultimate Sleepover.

Skypac Aviation were recently  very privileged to  do a private charter flight for 10 transplant recipient kids to Dubbo for the Ultimate Sleepover! Of course the morning of the flights was filled with mayhem and mishaps but eventually everyone was on board and ready to set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Our pilots for the day also commented on what a joy it was to be able to take these kids off to the Zoo. The excitement from the kids was contagious for all involved.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo provided the perfect weekend escape for ten transplant recipient kids and their families over the weekend. Hosted by Transplant Australia, this special group of kids were given a once in a life time experience, flying on a private charter all the way to Dubbo for The Ultimate Sleepover for Transplant Kids.

All of these kids have faced life threatening battles and are now able to celebrate their second chance at life. They were treated to a special VIP weekend at the Zoo, where they were able to feed the Giraffes, pat the reptiles, explore the zoo by night and get a behind the scenes tour of the Zoo.

Lauren Molesworth, who received a heart transplant in 2009, was particularly excited to be spending the night with the animals – she dreams of becoming a zoo keeper when she finishes high school. Lauren, like all the kids that attended the Ultimate Sleepover, has had a long journey to health. After years of illness and hospital visits, she was flown to Melbourne in 2009 where she waited one night before undergoing emergency surgery to receive her life saving heart transplant. This was not the first time the Molesworth family had experienced the devastation of being told that your child needs a transplant. Lauren’s older brother, Andrew received a heart transplant in 2006.

For the parents the Ultimate Sleepover was a chance to spend some quality time with their kids that was completely removed from hospital visits, check-ups and tests. The weekend away was also a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of organ and tissue donation, by highlighting the lives of the kids who have been saved thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

Big thanks go to Gordon and Richelle who work for Transplant Australia and whose tireless effort helps make these dreams a reality. Here’s what Richelle had to say about us!

“Just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for providing us with an exceptional pilot in Mark. He not only performed his expected duties outstandingly but he continuously went above and beyond, assisting us in various elements of the Transplant Kids Weekend away that we were facilitating. He was friendly, approachable and professional, and was quickly on first name basis with all the kids and the parents.The kids really loved him, and we were so pleased to see him become a part of our group for the weekend, staying with the group until late at night and assisting in keeping an eye on everyone.Having Mark present added to the experience for the kids, and I cannot stress enough that I believe he went above and beyond what we expected from him”.

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About Transplant Australia

Transplant Australia exists to enrich and celebrate life. Our vision is for Australia to lead the world in organ and tissue donation and transplantation – saving lives, improving quality of life and providing much needed care and support.

Our members share a special bond, having all been touched in some way by transplantation. They include those awaiting transplantation, donor families, living donors, transplant recipients, and the doctors, nurses and co-ordinators working in the organ and tissue donation and transplantation sector.

While they have their own unique story to tell, they are part of a team that serves to celebrate and cherish the greatest gift of all – life itself.

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