Flying with pets

Your pets mean the world to you. Why risk traveling with them in the airlines baggage compartment?

The team at Navair specialize in crafting bespoke travel experiences for you and your pets, ensuring they never leave your side for the entire flight. Fly to anywhere in Australia with your dog or cat on board, right there in the cabin of your private jet; enjoying the same comforts as you from take-off to landing.

Not only is a private jet charter the safest way to travel with pets, it is the only way you can travel with them on board. Airlines require pets to travel in a locked crate, inside the dark and noisy baggage compartment of a passenger jet – sometimes on a completely separate flight you!

We’ve even traveled with some less conventional pets including birds and reptiles, so no matter how unique your pet is, give the team a call and inquire about traveling with pets on board your own charter aircraft.

Call us today about flying with your fur-baby on board

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