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Private Aircraft Charter for Pets (Pets on Jets!)

Don’t risk your beloved furry family member!  Not only is a private jet charter the safest way to travel with your dog, cat or other pet, it is the only way you can travel with them on board. Airlines require pets to travel in a locked crate, inside the dark and noisy baggage compartment of a passenger jet – sometimes on a completely separate flight to you!

Aeromedical Charter Flights

Navair Aeromedical patient transport service offers a 24 hour low to medium acuity Aeromedical service throughout Australia and the South Asia Pacific. With the most precious of cargo, we ensure optimal medical care and safety for the patient and medical staff at all times.

Luxury Jet Charter

A luxury escape with Navair means we will plan and execute your travel schedule exactly as you would like.  The flight to your destination will no longer be a necessary evil, but a part of the adventure that you truly enjoy.

Loading freight to an aircraft
Jet Charter for Urgent Freight

International as well as domestic express cargo charters and freight flights require a fast and very precise organisation.  At Navair we have an experienced team of professionals.  Because of this, we are ready to provide you fast and economical solutions for your urgent freight requirements.

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