Make Money. Buy a Jet. Fly Anywhere.

She made money. Bought the jet; and now she can fly anywhere she wants. Whenever she wants. With whoever she wants.
People do it every day, so why havn’t you?
Interested in owning your own jet?
Jump on board with Navair Jet Services, because we make private jet ownership easy, affordable and care-free.
Call us for a free consultation – anytime. We’d love to hear your travel plans!
Bag: A sneak peek of what’s to come from Avery Verse


  1. How much investment needed to buy the share? And how much is the ROI, if you invest?

    1. We have plenty of options available in several jets of varying sizes. Tell us a little more about how often you fly, and what size aircraft you’re interested in. Then we can talk numbers! Give us a call on 1300 759 722 to speak with one of the team here.

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