Kangaroo Island is only 13 kilometres, 8.1 miles, from Cape Jervis at the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula, which is about 105 kilometres, 65.6 miles, from Adelaide. Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island after Tasmania and Melville Island stretching 155 km from east to west, 55 km at its widest point.
Getting to Kangaroo Island is easy, either fly from Adelaide or catch the ferry or vehicular ferry from Cape Jervis.

Native wildlife is prolific, mainly due to the fact that there are no introduced species here, except for some honey bees and the introduction of native animals thought to be under threat.

Koala, platypus and ringtail possums now coexist with original residents, such as the Kangaroo Island kangaroo, tammar wallaby and short-beaked echidna.

An Australian sea-lion colony inhabits Seal Bay and a restricted number of visitors can take a guided walk through the seals.

Various seabirds and waders as well as the little penguin and New Zealand fur seal are also frequently seen on Kangaroo Islands coastline.

Of the nineteen conservation parks on Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase National Park is the largest. Flinders Chase is situated across the western end of the island where an undulating plateau is covered with eucalypt forest.

Creeks and rivers fall to small beaches tucked between eroded granite headlands and limestone cliffs.

Remarkable Rocks are one of the most spectacular creations, doing a balancing act on the granite dome of Kirkpatrick Point, wind and sea have eroded the granite boulders into a bizarre formation.

At Cape du Couedic, an historic lighthouse overlooks spectacular cliffs fronting the Southern Ocean.

Admirals Arch, a natural limestone tunnel inhabited by fur seals, is a short walk away.

Kangaroo Islands northern coastline has a number of safe swimming beaches.

The southern coastline is more susceptible to the roaring Southern Ocean with some fantastic surf. Destrees Bay faces southeast and, generally deserted, is ideal for fishing and beach combing.

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