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Many pet owners are looking to private jet charter

To assist them when making their travel plans for  their beloved pets many owners are turning to private jet charter companies.

If you have experienced the feeling of putting your pet into a small container bound for the cargo hold of the plane. It is quite daunting and a little scary. A new trend is emerging with one major private charter organisation in the states reporting a 40% increase  in global pet travel this year alone.

It is becoming so popular that one UK private jet charter company started a new ‘Furs Class’ service,   pulling together a community of like minded pet owners and allowing them to look at dates of travel together to share the costs of a charter. Enabling their canine to travel in style in their own seat, right alongside enjoying the same luxury.

So will this phenomenon catch on here in Australia? Pets are either put in the luggage area in small cages or if your pet exceeds size limits it needs to be booked in as freight.  Maybe it is worth considering a private charter next time you need to travel with a pet? When flying on a private jet your pet is with you in the plane, giving you peace of mind about your pets’ safety and security. This also reduces the anxiety on your pet as they are traveling with you.

When flying with Skypac on a private jet charter all your requirements regarding pet travel are looked after, including liaison with your vet and any government and quarantine requirements, ensuring your pets’ arrival is stress free and any paperwork is correct. We can even assist in finding you a supplier of your pets favourite food at the destination you are traveling to.

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