Before you book your next private jet charter, take a second to inquire about the facilities on offer at your departure, or destination. It might make the difference between a flight to remember, and one you’ll wish you could forget!

You wouldn’t book a business class ticket on a commercial airliner flight, without access to the VIP lounge would you. Why give away the same luxuries when traveling by private jet?

Flight lounges at Regional and General Aviation airports are one those inner-circle secrets, known only by those who frequently fly by jets, until now! The team at Navair are experts on finding the best place to enter, and exit the tarmac at every airport around Australia; so if you’ve been slumming it from terminal to terminal, read on to find a better way!

All airports in Australia have a ‘terminal’. It might be the kind you’re used to when traveling commercially, with gates, duty free shopping and a café or two; and there’s the kind you see out in the regional airports which look like a bus stop on the side of a road in Broken Hill. In between, you’ll probably find a jar of Nescafe, a public toilet block from the 80’s and some old office chairs bolted to the floor. That is not the kind of luxury we’d expect at the end of a jet charter, and probably not yours either! But, we have good news because next to that jar of Nescafe, in the hangar across the tarmac, is real coffee and leather lounges. Air conditioning. Clean toilets, and a car waiting for you right outside. All you have to do is ask the right people, and perhaps pay a few bucks to get inside.

Now we’re talking!

So what else can you expect once you open the doors to a VIP lounge at a general aviation airport in Australia? Here’s seven of the big reasons we built our own Flight Lounge in Bankstown Airport.

Flight lounges have clean bathrooms.
Let’s face it, toilets on aircraft suck (get it?). Aside from that, even on the stand-up cabin class of private jet, chances are you won’t have access to a full size shower or decent mirror. Passengers generally choose to wait until after landing before doing their business, and by then it’s too late to be picky at a terminal building. The run-down, graffiti covered public toilets will have to do (and you’ll be thinking, “I should have gone on the jet!”). In contrast, a flight lounge will always have sparkling clean, and discreet bathrooms. There will be a shower, fresh towels and a mirror to freshen up in. They will be air conditioned, and will always, (always!) have toilet paper.

In the middle of summer, there will be air conditioning.
Have you ever arrived at the terminal in Wagga Wagga around 1pm in December? It’s hot, and waiting for a taxi will ruin your makeup and leave sweat stains on your shirt in seconds. Walking from your jet’s air-stairs to the door of a Flight lounge will have you and the passengers back in the air conditioning in a matter of seconds. That goes for the middle of winter too, when flight lounges have warm coffee and a fire burning ready for your arrival.

Speaking of Coffee.
Why should you fly in opulence on-board the jet, to arrive at your destination and be gestured towards a jar of stale Nescafe Blend 43? Executive lounges aren’t quite up to hiring their own Barista, but at the very least will have staff prepare you a fresh espresso coffee or premium tea. Most lounges utilise the latest technology in coffee pod brewing to ensure each cup tastes great, like we do here at Navair with our brand new Nespresso machines. Don’t forget about the pilots too, who appreciate a great cup of coffee on departure more than most.

Lounges are comfortable, quiet and nice places to be.
Airport terminals are none of the above, and why would you want to sip a freshly brewed coffee while sitting on a wooden bench in the heat, listing to aeroplanes starting and coughing on the smell of burned Jet A1? Enjoy that coffee, along with pleasant conversation with your clients while you relax in the lounge.

Get down to business.
Even Telstra coverage can be patchy in some of the places we fly. Don’t risk being disconnected from the office on arrival, or rely on a slow old 3G hotspot. We’ve got super-fast WIFI everywhere in the lounge, plus printers and workstations set up in case you forgot the laptop.

Your Car – Ready and waiting.
Whether you are picking up a hire car, stepping into a limo or arriving home to your personal vehicle, the team at a flight lounge will have everything ready to go. In most cases (like here at Navair), your car can drive right up to the jet for a discreet and efficient transfer. Or, if you simply need a taxi, what better place to wait than a comfortable, air conditioned flight lounge? We also provide undercover, secure parking, or a valet service if required.

Last but certainly not least, lounges maintain your professional image.
When taking your most valuable clients on the trip of a lifetime, it’s important to meet THEIR expectations as you arrive and depart the airport. Somewhere comfy to sit, something nice to drink and a great view are all part of the picture! Not knowing where to go, struggling with access gates or sitting out in the open, are most certainly not what they expect. Put your best foot forward and look like a pro, even if it’s your first time flying a private jet yourself, flight lounges make it easy!

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