Just as there are luxury hotels and luxury hotels, booking a private jet charter doesn’t always guarantee the VIP experience you’ve been imagining.
Which is why it pays to book with the company who has one of the most comprehensive private jet fleets in Australia, with an aircraft menu to rival a rock star festival line-up.
To get you in the mood, let us introduce you to three VIPs – that’s Very Important Planes – you’ll want to consider for your next flight.


Embraer Phenom 300

The best-selling private jet in the world, the Phenom 300, didn’t earn its title for being grounded on the tarmac. In fact, there are over 500 Phenom 300s dotted in hangars around the world right now, and Navair has one ready to fly you today.

If you wanted one for your personal collection, a Phenom 300 would set you back around $9 million (USD) to buy, but you’ll be happy to know, she starts at $9,700 to charter (approximate price only) – another reason private jet hire is more accessible than you think.

Sleek and sharp on the outside, its interior was designed with maximum comfort in mind. Nestle into the buttery soft black leather interior and club-style seating, which doesn’t look dissimilar to a racing car with a quilted finish.

When you fly private, there’s no jostling for the window seat. The Phenom 300 sports a configuration that ensures all nine of you onboard get a view.

Where would you take the Phenom 300?

Most destinations are within wing’s reach, with a range of 3650km on this aircraft, which can safely land at most Australian and Asia Pacific airports. It’s no surprise that Navair’s most popular flight routes on board the Phenom 300 include Cairns, Byron Bay, Tasmania and Uluru.

View more information on the Phenom 300 here


Embraer Phenom 100

The little sister of the Phenom 300, the Phenom 100 is just as luxurious, taking up to five passengers. Close to 400 of them are all over the world, one located in the Navair Hangar.

With next generation technology, this aircraft can make flying a breeze. Purchasing one yourself can set you back around $4.25 million (USD). Chartering a flight through us only sets you back a fraction of that amount. A trip from Sydney to the Hunter Valley costs around $6,000, and Sydney to Melbourne around $10,000 (approximate prices only).

Travel up to 2,000km while sitting in a luxurious leather cabin, indulging in some drinks and snacks. Four passengers can enjoy club style seating, all with window views, while one passenger can sit up front with the pilot for a once in a lifetime experience!

Where would you take the Phenom 100?

Similar to the Phenom 300, the 100 can land at many airports across Australia. A quick day trip to somewhere like the Hunter Valley, or up to Byron Bay for a getaway perhaps?

View more information on the Phenom 100 here

Cessna Mustang

The clue is in the name of this aircraft, it’s small, stocky and mighty powerful through the sky.

With just five passenger seats in total (that is, if one of your guests wants to ride shotgun next to the pilot), it’s the most economical jet aircraft in the Navair fleet.

When it comes to landing requirements, the Mustang is not fussy. She just needs a sealed runway, meaning the Mustang can touch down at most regional airports within Australia.

With a club-seating configuration you can eye-ball your other guests onboard – perfect for sealing those big business deals, playing a game of chess or toasting your high-flyer status with a bottle of Dom Perignon.

That said, you wouldn’t be the first person onboard the Mustang who wanted to make the most of the cloud-like cream leather bucket seats, just by curling up and enjoying the views from 30,000 feet.

Where could you take the Mustang?

With a cruise range of 722km, this is the perfect plane to get you between capital cities along the east coast or your favourite country or coastal playground –  Thredbo, Lord Howe, Lizard Island, King Island or, Hamilton Island. Of course, you could always use the Mustang like one of Navair’s celebrity customers did – to fly some face cream from Sydney to Brisbane.

View more information on the Mustang here

Keep an eye on Navair’s social media for announcements of new additions coming soon to the fleet. For a full list of our jets, pistons, twin-props and helicopters, fly over here.

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