A Great Review!

This week we received a lovely email from one of our passengers who joined us on a trip of a lifetime. You might remember the Ultimate Outback Adventure we wrote about? This was it, and we were so glad to read such kind words about the pilot who flew it – our own General Manager Rick Pegus.

Check it out below, and if you have flown with us previously, we’d love for you to leave us a review on Google or Facebook!

“I found Rick through a Google search.  He was very helpful in setting up a plan for myself, my daughter, and my six year old granddaughter to see many places on our short two week trip to Australia.  (We live on the east coast of the United States in Manhattan.)  I had done all of this on the internet, and as we were leaving I said to my daughter, “I hope he’s real!”  Rick Pegus is more than real.  He is efficient, kind, and helpful in every way.  He arranged plane, helicopter and car transfers that allowed us to travel comfortably and quickly from the Blue Mountains to Uluru, from Uluru to Phillip Island, and from Phillip Island to Cedar Glen (about an hour and a half from Brisbane).  

Not only did he make sure we got everywhere we wanted to go – he even made sure my daughter had a delicious cup of coffee when she needed one.  

I highly recommend Rick for either a holiday or a special occasion.  We don’t normally travel like this, and it was quite a shock to the system going back to regular commercial travel!  We have memories to last a lifetime and are very grateful.”

J Warner – Traveled July 2018

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