Gulfstream G650

When looking for a long-range, large-cabin business jet, Gulfstream stands out above the rest. With intelligent and innovative engineering, the G650 outshines its competitive predecessor.

The G650 manages to make just the right amount of changes to improve in every area possible – faster, further, bigger and more advanced. It is without doubt that the G650 offers upstanding intercontinental performance without sacrificing comfort or extravagance.

Gulfstream is one of the most successful and well-recognized private jet manufacturers and the leader in large-cabin jets. Their aircraft has received exceptional reviews for many years. The Gulfstream G550, an ultra-long range, intercontinental jet, is the vastly improved iteration of Gulfstream’s well-known GV.

It can fly faster, farther, simpler and with more room than its counterpart. Gulfstream created the G650 to combat tough competition in the heavy-iron category in the 1990’s. Among its noticeable improvements are enlarged cabin space and more passenger amenities for the ultimate flying experience.

Gulfstream 650 is an American aircraft company and a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics. Gulfstream designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services business jet aircraft. Gulfstream has produced more than 2,000 aircraft since 1958. Gulfstream’s current range consists of the G280. G350, G450, G500, G550, G600 and G650 + G650ER.

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