Pilatus PC-12

The Swiss made Pilatus PC-12 has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance and reliability.

Boasting huge cargo capacity & impressive payload, the PC12 is ideal for groups traveling quite literally anywhere in Australia; from rural airstrips to international airports!

A PC-12 can fly up to 2600km without refuelling, climb high above the weather (up to 30,000ft) to land on a dirt airstrip as short as 800m; while carring up to eight passengers in air-conditioned, pressurised comfort. Our PC-12’s are comfortably appointed with either sheepskin, or leather seating – and arranged in an executive club style.

There are business tables, cup holders and a non-flushing toilet for trips over 2 hours. All flights are operated by a single pilot, highly trained according to the strict standards applied to single engine aircraft charter.

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. is an aerospace manufacturer located in Stans, Switzerland. The company has mostly produced aircraft for niche markets, in particular STOL aircraft as well as military training aircraft. In the 1990s, with the introduction of the PC-12, a single-engine turboprop aircraft, Pilatus opened up a broader civilian market. With the PC-24, it offers a twin-engined STOL jet aircraft capable of operating from unpaved runways.

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