Fairchild Swearingen Metro 23

The Fairchild Metro 23 is categorised as a Turboprop Airliner and is an upgraded version of the Metro III, featuring improved avionics and more powerful engines. These enable the Metro 23 to offer a range of over 2750km, very impressive for an aircraft of this category and considerably further than the Fokker 50, than which it also has agreater cruise speed.

The interior of the Metro 23 is very practical, catering for up to 19 passengers in an economy seating formation. It is also on the market at a much better price than jets with the same passenger capacity and, therefore, constitutes an extremely viableand less expensive alternative for short-haul flights for large groups.

The current Metro model is the 23. Certificated to FAR Part 23 (Amendment 34) standards (hence the Metro 23 designation) it features a higher takeoff weight, more powerful engines and systems improvements first introduced on the military C26. The Metro 23 EF has a bulged lower fuselage for greater baggage capacity.

Fairchild Swearingen (previously the Swearingen Metro and later Fairchild Aerospace Metro) is a 19-seat, pressurized, twin-turboprop airliner first produced by Swearingen Aircraft and later by Fairchild Aircraft at a plant in San Antonio, Texas, United States.

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