Beechcraft Kingair B200

Dependable, highly capable and incredibly efficient, the Beechcraft King Air is the most popular turbo-prop aircraft in the world.

Boasting huge cargo capacity and impressive payloads, the King Air is ideal for small groups traveling quite literally anywhere in Australia; from rural airstrips and deserted islands, to international airports.

Crewed single pilot the Kingair can carry between 8 to 12 passengers depending on how it is configured.

Twin turbine engines provide impressive performance with 850hp per side, contributing to the King Air’s reputation for being the safest turboprop in the charter industry. Fly in any weather, to any airstrip, in complete comfort. That’s the Beechcraft King Air.

On board, light snacks and refreshments are available and catering provided on request.

Beechcraft is a brand of Textron Aviation since 2014. Originally, it was a brand of Beech Aircraft Corporation, an American manufacturer of general aviation, commercial, and military aircraft, ranging from light single-engined aircraft to twin-engined turboprop transports, business jets, and military trainers. Beech later became a division of Raytheon and later Hawker Beechcraft before a bankruptcy sale turned its assets over to Textron (parent company of Beech’s cross-town Wichita rival, Cessna Aircraft Company).

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