Falcon 900

Whether you are taking the family on a luxury holiday they’ll never forget, loading up golf clubs for a business trip with your most valued clients, or traveling overseas to close the deal of a lifetime, the French designed Dassault Falcon 900 will exceed all expectations.

With cruise speeds nearing 1,000km/hr and a range of over 6000km, this jet can fly anywhere within the Asia Pacific region, yet still travel to Australia’s regional airports. It’s three engines provide unparalleled safety and incredible performance, yet the cabin remains whisper quiet in flight.


When looking for a long-range, large-cabin business jet, Gulfstream stands out above the rest. With intelligent and innovative engineering, the G650 outshines its competitive predecessor.

The G650 manages to make just the right amount of changes to improve in every area possible – faster, further, bigger and more advanced. It is without doubt that the G650 offers upstanding intercontinental performance without sacrificing comfort or extravagance.

Global Express XRS

For intercontinental travel, the Bombardier Global Express XRS is by far the most luxurious and time effective way to fly.

Boasting an exquisitely appointed leather interior and room for up to 15 passengers, the Global Express can be configured in an assortment of cabin layouts depending on the length of your journey; including the option to convert the rear cabin to a bedroom with queen size bed.

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