Fly in Fly out (FIFO)


What is fly in fly out mining?

Fly in fly out (FIFO) is a way of placing employees into a remote area. Often there aren’t communities in the region where the workers can live or the communities aren’t of sufficient quality to attract families to live locally.

Who does FIFO?

Fly in fly out services are normally conducted by aircraft charter companies when going to the more remote locations and by a combination of air charter and airlines when more suitable runways are available.


It is normal for mining companies to provide a high level of quality accommodation, with high quality meals provided, recreation and room cleaning services. The living quarters can be range from basic small portable rooms to top end luxury homes with all the facilities one could expect to have back in the city including gymnasiums, sporting courts, internet access, swimming pools as well as wet messes.

FIFO Conditions

The welfare of minors and their families is very important and in a world first Australia’s online mining community mining family matters have launched a self help book for mining families Mining Families Rock

Financial Incentives

Mining companies pay salaries that are far in excess of what is available in other industries for a similar skill set. They also will pay significant living and travel allowances.

In addition to the high levels of pay, there are often preferential tax arrangements available to workers in remote regions.

Time Off

Workers can devote themselves to other activities that they perhaps wouldn’t be able to otherwise, due to having extended periods at home.

Frequent flyer rewards

Assuming that the worker is travelling on an airline, they may be eligible for frequent flyer awards programs.

Flexible Work Assignments

Often, due to the size of the mining company, the worker may be able to change work assignments with a minimal amount of disruption to their home life as it stands.

Ability to reside anywhere in Australia

Due to the size of the Australian resources industry, skilled workers are in short supply and as such, companies are prepared to charter flights from just about every major population centre in Australia to their remote sites.

Benefits to Employers

Cost effective
An ability to avoid transfers and delays leading to direct and indirect cost savings
Flexible Timings and dates
If chartering an aircraft, saves on the cost of operating their own aircraft
FIFO is a common method utilised by mining companies where the cost of building and maintaining a permanent community exceeds the costs associated with airfares and the setting up of temporary accommodation and facilities
Due to fluctuations in workforce number requirements as a mine goes through its construction and operational life cycle, employers can utilise multiple aircraft type solutions that can be tailored to their specific requirements

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