The Tamar Valley Wine Route is a holiday and recreation destination in its own right. The famous Tamar River defines the heart of northern Tasmania with its generous life-giving waterways. It is Tasmania’s principal wine producing area where wineries snuggle side by side with picturesque orchards, forests and fertile pastures.

The Tamar River is distinguished as Australia’s longest tidal navigable river. It’s long, lazy bends wind 65 kilometres inland, around hills and plains, beaches and bush. At the river’s head is the bustling city of Launceston. At it’s mouth – wide sandy beaches.

Fed by the fresh, flushing waters of the North and South Esk Rivers, the Tamar has created a glorious fertile valley of high-yielding vineyards, famous for our chardonnnays, sparklings, the aromatic whites and pinot noir. Tasmania is the oldest wine-producing region in Australia.

The Tamar Valley is even the source of cuttings for the first vineyards to be planted in Victoria and South Australia. Today, the valley produces 40 per cent of Tasmania’s premium quality wine.

As early as the mid 1800’s commercial vineyards operated in Windermere, a quaint riverside town on the Tamar’s lower eastern shore.
With a passion for tradition and a commitment to innovation, our winemakers continue the Tamar Valley’s premium quality tradition. Tasmania’s friendly temperate climate nurtures plump chardonnay, pinot noir, riesling, sauvignon blanc and pinot gris grapes, producing wines of natural elegance and intensity. The valley also produces some of Australia’s best sparkling wines.

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