The Neptune Islands Group consist of two groups of islands located close to the entrance to Spencer Gulf and are best known as an exciting location to go cage diving with great white sharks.

This area is a world renowned hot spot for the vulnerable white sharks, that regularly forage in the area for seals. The rocky-cragged coves of the Neptune Islands are an important breeding sites for long nose fur seals. It is Australia’s largest colony of long nose fur seals with half the Australian population breeding here. The area is influenced by the warm Leeuwin Current in winter and the cold Flinders Current in summer, ensuring there is a large temperature difference between the seasons. This has a large impact on the biodiversity of the area.

High up on the granite outcrops, you’ll see White Breasted Sea Eagles hunting for supremacy with Ospreys, hear the conversational twitter of Rock Parrots and marvel at the fabled Albatross. It’s a bird-lover’s paradise.

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