Standing on the small hill behind the Montrose Winery it can readily be understood why the original Aboriginal inhabitants named this part of Australia Mudgee, meaning Nest in the Hills.

With a viticultural history that stretches back to 1858, Mudgee has played a key role in Australian viticultural history. Although primarily a producer of robust and deeply coloured red wines, Mudgee was the cradle in which a particularly good clone of Chardonnay lay unrecognised for over 50 years, a clone which some believe may have been a descendant of the Chardonnay introduced to Australia in 1832 by James Busby.

The beautifully soft and intimate nature of much of the countryside around Mudgee is fashioned by the outer rim of hills which create the “nest ” and the smaller hills within that perimeter that give rise to a panorama of mini vistas with ever more valleys nesting in their midst. Overall, however, though the slopes are gentle, all this beauty does have its limitations, particularly in the form of frost-prone pockets and hollows

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