Situated beside Wilsons River, 776 kilometres north east from Sydney, Lismore, population approimatley 43 000 is a major commercial, cultural and educational centre on the New South Wales far north coast. Lismore is closley settled and an intensively cultivated rural area being one of the principal dairying regions in New South Wales.
The beauty of the environment has made Lismore a base for those wishing to explore the surrounding area. Lismore is best known for its rainforest heritage including the Rotary Rainforest Park situated within the residential area of the city, Wilsons Park and the Boat Harbour Reserve.

In Rotary Park, a rainforest tract has been regenerated in the middle of the city. There are 3 kilometres of pathways with rare species of rainforest plants clearly marked.

The Boat Harbour Nature Reserve, 6 kilometres north east of the Lismore CBD has a resident bat colony and was also a base camp for timber getters working in the late 19th century. A paved track leads to a viewing platform overlooking the river.

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