This is a broad valley served well by the pristine Goulburn River. A region famous for fruit growing, the grapes in this area date back to the 1850s with some of the oldest Shiraz and Marsanne vines in the world growing on the Tahbilk Estate.

Climate – The climate is gently warm. This region has a typical inland valley floor climate and substantial diurnal temperature ranges. This is mitigated by the abundance of lakes, billabongs and creeks associated with the meandering Goulburn River, as well as occasional river breezes. Abundant water for irrigation and loose textured sandy, gravelly soils typically produce generous yields without compromising colour or flavour.

Soils – While sandy loams predominate, gravel sub-soils are a heritage of the Goulburn River’s prior courses. Warmed by temperatures cooler than the Barossa but warmer than the Yarra Valley, these fertile soils produce beautiful wine.

Harvest – Mid-March to late May

Wines – Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Marsanne, Shiraz

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