Wine production in this region dates back to 1870. After settlement in the 1840s by the Rowan family of graziers, Richard Bailey began as a storekeeper, supplying diggers on the goldfields. In 1866 Richard’s son planted vines on the rich red granite soil beneath the Warby Range, producing fortified wines of such renown that he created a thriving local and export wine business.

Climate – Ideal for ripening grapes, the Glenrowan climate is warm with low rainfall during the ripening period, cool night time temperatures and a constant breeze that allows the vines to cool rapidly at night, and warm early in the morning. This maximises temperatures for colour, flavour and tanning development.

Soils – The Warby Range is the predominant geological landmark, formed over millions of years of marine deposits and faults that lifted up granite soils to form the Ranges. The vineyards on the slopes beneath the Warby range are established on the well-drained, fertile, deep red clay and loamy soils that result from the weathering of granitic material.

Harvest – Early March to Late April

Wines – Shiraz, Muscat, Tokay and Port

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