Coffs Harbour with a population of over 50 000 is a subtropical seaside holiday town, 558 kilometres, 348.8 miles north of Sydney in Gumbainggir country. The gorgeous coastline is backed by hills that are covered in banana plantations. The area also produces timber, vegetables, dairy products and fish. There are several small islands offshore with fringing coral reefs and a plethora of fish, which makes for fabulous diving.

Coffs Harbour beaches include Boambee Beach, Jetty Beach and Park Beach. Further north are Diggers Beach, Moonee Beach, Shelly Beach, Emerald Beach, and Sandy Beach.

Moonee Beach is a large beach with a small settlement and a foreshore lined with pine trees. Emerald Beach is also attractive and popular with surfers, and Sandy Beach is a lot quieter and more secluded.

The famous Big Banana is an enormous yellow concrete banana found near Diggers Beach north of the town centre, a monument to the surrounding banana industry. You can take a look at a banana plantation by bus or monorail.

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