Canberra, the national capital city of Australia is situated in the Australian Capital Territory the ACT. Federation occurred by consensus in 1901. Both Melbourne and Sydney contended to become the Australian Capital City. The Yass-Canberra Valley, situated mid way between the two cities was selected in 1908 as the site for the Australian Capital Territory. The elegant city of Canberra stands today with its grand avenues, stately buildings, galleries, monuments, lakes and waterways and open parklands, reflecting as it was designed to do, the entire nation of Australia. Canberra is also host to the multitude of Embassies of Australias friends and neighbours from around the world.

Graceful hotels from a bygone era compliment modern apartments and hotels throughout the city and suburbs. Excellent shopping is available in the city and in the well-planned suburban centres. A short drive from Canberra, are some interesting and historic rural townships, set in some of Australias most fertile farming country.

Weekend markets offer fresh foods, and clothes by local designers, art, metal and glass working artisans jostle with produce from local wineries and antique dealers.

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