Bunbury is a major port and business centre of the southwest and a hub of regional development. 173km south of Perth, Bunbury has all the major benefits of city-living commercial opportunities, facilities and attractions mixed into a beautiful, lush seaside setting with a country pace. The fishing, swimming beaches, temperate climate and proximity to the southwests popular towns make Bunbury a popular spot for holidaymakers heading down the coast south of Perth.

Today, Bunbury is one of Western Australias largest towns. Major industries for Bunbury are farming and agriculture, wine production, woodchips, alumina and of course, tourism.

Many of the attractions of Bunbury are nature-based, including the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Koombana Bay operated by the Bunbury Dolphin trust. Shore or boat-based interactions are available to get to know the wild dolphins in their natural habitat.

Close to Bunbury is Tuart Forest National Park, which contains the largest remaining stand of Tuart trees in the world. These slow-growing hardwood trees are unique to the southwest area and are estimated to be 400 years old.

The Ludlow Tuart forest is a fantastic spot for a barbecue or picnic as you unwind under the shade of giant tuart trees. Walk through the forest out to the coast or up to a lookout for fabulous views of Bunbury. It costs nothing to explore the beautiful and diverse species of flora and fauna in this picturesque, rugged forest landscape.

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